About Us

First and foremost, welcome to my website, www.HushBabySleep.com.

If you’ve stumbled upon this page or any of my pages, you’re probably a fellow parent looking for some helpful information on how you can get your baby to sleep. In fact, you’re probably desperate for solutions, and probably underestimated how much bringing a baby into this crazy and hectic world truly can be: especially for sleep!

My main goal is to help out any fellow struggling parents who are frantically looking for solutions to getting a good night of sleep, despite living with a boisterous and noisy baby. I’ve studied child psychology in college, and my husband has studied child care.

We have a wonderful 3 year old daughter, and plans for another sometime in the coming years. She’s our everything, but we weren’t prepared for the challenges that she brought with her when she entered this world. I actually have a sleep disorder, so you can imagine how much of a toll my daughter took on both of us. (me especially!)

This is the main reason why I created this website. I don’t want any other parent out there to experience the challenges that a baby brings to the table when it comes to our sleep. It’s important that we all get our valuable sleep, and we were very surprised how much sleep we didn’t get once our daughter was born.

Both my husband and I are very rational people (we like to think so anyway!) and will triple check anything we aren’t too sure about. We provide lots of sources, and won’t even attempt to post something that could potentially harm your little bundle of absolute joy. I strive to provide valuable information to any parents who come across this website so that they can get the facts that they need to get some relief and to get some sleep!

Check out our resources page, which has helpful information that parents can easily and quickly obtain. From sleep to nutrition, to developmental cycles and more, you’ll be able to snag useful information that will make both you and your child’s lives much more manageable.