How To Make Your Baby Sleep in a Moses Basket

How You Can Get Your Baby to Fall Sleep in a Moses Basket

I’m going to cover how you can get your baby to fall sleep in a moses basket. This information I learned from experience, as well as from some other experienced lovely mothers!

Swaddling your baby is an awesome way to get them to fall asleep in a moses basket or something similar. One of the most important aspects is that they keep a baby warm and cozy. Swaddling also makes them feel at ease and secure due to them being tightly wrapped like a gift under the tree!

Not only does swaddling babies look cute, but it helps them get to bed. Now that we’ve covered the basics on how to get them to sleep here, let’s dig deeper into the subject of moses baskets!

What’s a Moses Basket?

If you begin researching, I’m sure what you’ll find regarding information about moses baskets is references to the Bible where they talk about finding Moses in the basket. Let me elaborate.

To keep things short, it’s a tiny basket that shaped similarly to the one that Moses used to float along Nile River in. Well, at least it looks similar to how people thought it would look like.

Most of these baskets are made from palm, but some can be made from wicker or maize too. Wicker will last the longest out of all them, but is the most expensive. So, keep this in mind when you’re shopping around.

The great thing about moses baskets are that they have a soft fabric lining as well as padding, so that the baby can be comfortable and stay comfortable in it. I also highly recommend that you get one that has handles so you can even carry it around with you.

These baskets are great because they’re very mobile. They aren’t too big either, so you’ll be able to move them around with ease. They are tiny and compact and can save you a bunch of space, plus, your baby won’t be so conformed in it and it’ll make them possibly feel safer.

If you’re a super paranoid mom like I was, and you aren’t comfortable leaving a baby alone, then a moses basket is a great idea for you and your baby. You can basically bring along everywhere you go. This is great if you prefer to always be close by your baby, especially when they are sleeping. I honestly think this is one of the best investments you can make for your baby’s early life.

I’d say the only downside is that you can only use it for a few months, as your baby will eventually outgrow it. A cot is another option you can choose, but there’s something wonderful about the basket that I can’t quite put my hands on. I’m glad I chose to go with that though.


Swaddling has been around since the beginning of babies almost. It’s as old as the trees on this planet, and is written throughout all the books from long ago. Swaddling has withstood time and is probably one of the best and most useful ideas that have been bestowed upon us, as well as to our babies and their well-being.

If you’re not sure about swaddling is, it’s essentially wrapping them in a blanket or some other cloth that’s large enough to cover them. It’s wrapped around the baby. Basically, its main purpose is that it keeps the baby tight so that their movement is restricted. They look like a cute little burrito wrap when swaddled – a funny visualization!

What Are the Benefits of Swaddling a Baby?

The truth of the matter is that babies love to feel cozy and secure, similar to in their mother’s womb. And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. They spent the first long, nine months of life in a warm and safe place.

Another wonderful aspect of swaddling is that swaddling can be used in just about any situation. Whether they’re crying, fussy, or just seem like they’re in a funk, there is nothing like a warm embrace for them to feel better.

I am a huge fan of swaddling, I’m not sure you could tell or not but I had to let you know anyway. My mom taught me out to swaddle and once I got the hang of it and did it a few times, I realized how amazing it was. It was so effective. It worked very well to keep my daughter calm and to keep her from panicking.

You can also combine swaddling with a bunch of other techniques. Once you have them wrapped up and secure, then you can continuously sway them back and forth over and over. Try singing a song or softly whispering or switching things up as you rock them gently back and forth!

A lot of parents might be wondering if swaddling can attribute to sudden infant death syndrome. It actually does the opposite, because when they’re young, restricting their movement makes it hard for them to roll over or hurt themselves in some way. Swaddling has a much less chance of causing SIDS than a lot of other things. Of course, you should stop swaddling once they are old enough to start rolling around and move about on their own.

How Exactly Do I Swaddle?

Before you begin, if you aren’t sure if you can handle swaddling or not, and rather prefer to take the safest route, then you can easily achieve that by buying blankets that are already swaddled beforehand. Basically, you zip em’ up or Velcro them. These are the best hassle-free options if you prefer not doing it yourself. If you do, then I will briefly explain the simple process behind swaddling:

  1. Lay a blanket down in front of you in the shape of a diamond. Next, fold the very top corner downwards so it’s facing toward you.
  2. Now, weigh your baby on the blanket face up. Ensure that their neck is even with the edge of the top fold of the blanket. Keep their left arm downward next to their side to prep for the next step.
  3. Take the left corner of the blanket, and pull it tightly across and tuck away the corner of it under their right part of their body.
  4. Now, pull the bottom corner of the blanket so that it covers their legs. Tuck the blanket under their right arm.
  5. Carefully place the baby’s right arm alongside their body and pull the right corner of the blanket over them. Make sure it’s secure and tight and then tuck it behind them. That should be it!


Are Moses Basket Safe For Babies To Sleep In At Night?

Not only are they safe, but they are actually recommended. I know that many inexperienced new parents are often worried about this and want to be as safe as possible. They have absolutely every right to be. As long as you do your best to try to prevent SIDS, you should have few issues with safety. Ensure they sleep stomach facing up (on their backs) or use a moses basket in the initial months. Remember that they don’t have enough strength to roll over, so that this is why you should keep them on their back. Definitely don’t use pillows with the moses basket or cot. Always make sure the area is clean and that it’s not too hot or cold.

How Long Can I Keep My Baby in A Moses Basket?

Remember that moses baskets are only effective for babies for a few months. To be more exact, mostly 3 to 4 months. After this time, the baby will probably have out grown the basket. When this happens, you might want to look at getting a cot for them. You’ll know when the time is right to get something that’s better suited for your growing little one.

How Should I Place My Newborn to Sleep?

Always, always, always, place them on their back! That’s the basic rule. This ensures that they are positioned correctly and properly so they can breathe correctly while they are sleeping. Remember that if you don’t have them on their back, it increases the risk of SIDS.

Make sure that they have a firm sleep environment that won’t collapse on them or suck them in to where they can potentially suffocate. You also need to make sure that they don’t overheat in their crib. Do not put them near anything close such as a heater and ensure that the area around them is void of any hazards.

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