How To Stop Your Baby From Rolling In Their Sleep

How You Can Stop Your Baby from Rolling Over in Their Sleep

Watching your bundle of joy grow and learn about life through your own eyes, take on the world, and develop their own skillset is an experience unlike any other. One of the first main milestones for any baby other than learning how to walk, is learning how to roll over. It’s still cute and fun to watch, unless they’re doing in their sleep – which can cause all sorts of problems. You basically have to be watching them constantly to make sure that they don’t roll over on their stomach. Maybe you have a baby monitor or maybe take turns with your partner, but regardless, it’s quite the annoyance.

Constantly readjusting your baby during sleep can be physically and mentally exhausting. Constantly watching and waiting for them to roll over and basically fix them is a problem to say the least. How exactly do you stop this from happening? The most safe and smart option you can choose is ensuring that your baby sleeps on his/her back so that they can reduce their risk of S.I.D.S. in suffocation.

Why Does Your Baby Roll Over in Their Sleep?

As soon as your baby is able to lift their head, they’ll begin to push up and arch their back so that they can lift their chest. This will actually strengthen their upper body and will help them sit up properly. Plus, they might also rock back and forth on their stomach and it looks like they’re trying to swim. It’s so adorable to watch!

These are much needed skills and abilities that they learn when about five months old. These milestones are so important because they need them so that they can roll around and crawl later in life. However, by this point, they will most likely be capable of rolling over completely. Not all babies reach the ability to do these things in the same time though.

Once they are coordinated and have enough strength to lift their chest up, this is just the first piece of the puzzle. Following that, you can help them practice sitting up by holding them up, or try using pillows or another soft or firm object to help while they learn to balance themselves. Soon your baby will learn another new position, which will likely be them leaning forward as they extend their arms so that they can balance their upper body.

To help them focus as they gain balance, you could try putting colorful and bright toys around them. It’ll be a bit before they can position themselves into a sitting position completely independently.

How To Stop Your Baby From Rolling Over During Sleep

The only reason why your baby you usually rolls over while they’re sleeping is because they simply can. Parents will soon find out that while their children grow up, they don’t really comprehend the right time and place to practice their skills. This includes nap and bedtime too!

Once your baby learns how to roll, there’s a good chance that they’ll only want to roll, rather than sleep during the night. They will stop falling asleep immediately and will try to stay awake for longer periods of time throughout the night so that they can practice their new skill they learned. There’s a time and place for everything, right? Sadly, I don’t think babies understand this concept yet!

You might notice that their excessive rolling wakes them up during sleep which includes naps and results in naps and bedtime awakenings.

There are options though. There are quite a few ways that you can help prevent them from rolling during or even delay it so that they’ll be better equipped to handle it + prevent it from interfering with their sleep that much.

Swaddling Your Baby

Keep swaddling your baby and do it until they start trying to roll around. This a great way to prevent them from rolling around when they’re sleeping in their crib. Always make sure that the swaddle blanket fits them appropriately and is tight and secure because it’ll make it even more difficult for them to roll around.

Using A Baby Sleep Suit

A baby sleep suit is a great alternative for babies who swaddling doesn’t work on (those who kick and break out of their swaddle blanket or roll too much). It’s also another great option to ensure that babies stay lying on their back. If you know your baby has been a stomach sleeper for a long time, this might not work as well. Still though, you can keep your baby in the sleep suit until they’re rolling both ways. At this point, you can switch over to a sleep sack for them.

I highly recommend the hundred percent cotton halo sleep sack. I bought it for my daughter and it was amazing. It’s almost like a tiny jacket that you put on your bundle of joy prior to bed. What it does is wraps them up just little teeny burrito and even gives the choice of keeping their arms snug, or letting them hang out. A sleep suit zips up and is secured that way while swaddling essentially wraps them up tightly instead.

Baby Pillows Designed to Stop Babies from Rolling

I didn’t even know that things like this existed but it’s pretty cool that they do! There are so many different products and cool gadgets that are aimed to making you and your baby’s life easier. This is a really cool pillow that prevents your baby from rolling around on their stomach completely.

Another great choice is an anti-rollover baby pillow and basically looks like a horseshoe. What you do is put your little one in the center of the pillow and it’s supposed to prevent them from moving out of place from there.

What Should You Do When Your Baby Rolls Around During Their Sleep?

First, above all else, you should ensure that they aren’t creating a dangerous situation for themselves when they’re rolling. If you’re still swaddling your baby regularly for sleeping, you definitely want to stop once they start rolling over because swaddled babies cannot sleep with their face down. Plus, excess rolling will eventually loosen their swaddle blanket and could be a significant suffocation hazard. If this seems like a familiar timeframe in your baby’s life, use a sleep sack instead of swaddling.

Always make sure that their sleep surface is level, doesn’t have any toys hidden anywhere, doesn’t have any type of way they can suffocate, and ensure that there are no loose blankets. You need to completely baby proof their sleeping area now that they’re rolling and pose a much more dangerous risk to themselves.

A lot of parents prefer to flip their babies on their backs if they keep rolling onto their stomach. This is a good idea/choice because sleeping on their back is actually considered much more safe than sleeping on their stomach. Regardless, medical experts actually recommend that you let your baby sleep on their stomach if they keep rolling over as at that point, it will be safer.

Talk to your pediatrician about getting the clear to allow your baby to sleep on their stomach after rolling over. Some babies simply aren’t ready for it and others are, it’s best to be absolutely prepared and to get some advice from your doctor first.

What Should I Do Once They Start Rolling?

  • If your baby recently learned how to roll and you know is that it’s interrupting their sleep, try to put them in their most favorite position or the one that they usually sleep in and leave the room. If they do roll over and are agitated or cries, wait at least 10-15 minutes before you intervene. If you notice that your baby becomes too upset after waiting for the initial time, try to flip them around and leave the room again. This actually gives them the time so that they can learn to fall asleep in this newly discovered position. Plus, it gives them an idea of how to roll back without your help. You can keep doing this or move onto the next step.
  • If you notice that your baby’s been rolling around for quite a while now and is an experienced roller, but they are frequently and consistently disrupting their sleep, they might actually be rolling because they find it fun. They may even be doing it for attention. Try to put them to bed in their new position. (put them on their back for tummy sleepers and vice versa) If they become upset or cry, try to use a sleep training method that you think would be best to ensure that they fall sleep in their new position rather than their old one. The same applies for waking up at night past midnight. If you find that your baby is still having a hard time sleeping after midnight, go back to the first step and teach your baby how they can sleep in this new position. If you keep it up and are consistent, they should adjust to both sleeping positions after about three days or more because hopefully by then, they should be familiar with tummy and back sleeping positions.
  • Another alternative approach is to give them a “redo” flip. In short, you’ll be putting your baby down in one of their preferred sleeping positions and exiting from the area. If they roll over, give them the “redo” and put them back to the position that they were at. After that point, it’s up to them to fall sleep in their new position or they can always roll back to their old one. Is a great option for babies who can roll each way consistently.

During the day, practice rolling each direction with your baby as much as you can. It also helps if you prior to bedtime is a great time to practice because it’s still fresh in their mind as they get into their crib. It’s a good idea to start this plan before bed because your baby will be much more tired at this point and will likely be less likely to be stubborn and fight you – simply because they value sleep more. Once you nip this in the bud for bed time, naps will soon also stop being an issue as well.

I really hope this answers your question and give you some insight on how you can stop your baby from rolling over in their sleep. As always, feel free to comment below and share if any of these tips helped you or if you have your own methods. How long did it take you, did this give you a lot of problems? Whatever questions or comments you might have, you’re always free to leave them below! I love hearing and reading any questions or comments from fellow parents!

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