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All About The Snoo Smart Sleeper – Review

What’s A Smart Sleeper?

As a parent, there are a seemingly endless number of things that you need to buy once you welcome a baby into your life. This can range from anything as simple as socks, to advanced technology that keeps them safe and comfortable. Technology has especially come far in the sleep aspect of newborns and babies. Newborns should be close-by to their parents as much as possible, and this is where the Snoo Smart Sleeper delivers.

The Snoo – The Revolutionary Smart Sleeper Bassinet

Both sleep experts and the AAP (American Academy Of Pediatrics) recommend that for the first six months, babies should be sleeping in the same room with their parents. If you’re not looking for a full-sized crib or don’t have the space for it either, then having a safe and secure bassinet is the best way to make this possible.

Because infants are so fragile, any sleeping accommodations for them need to be in full compliance with and meet the federal safety standards for bassinets. These standards for bassinets have been in effect since 2014, and its goal is to help prevent and avoid infant/baby fatalities and injuries that occur due to poorly made cradles, cribs, and bassinets.

Every Bassinet Should Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Needs to be stable enough to prevent falls/entrapment in the event that the bassinet swings/rocks back and forth
  • Mattress needs to be firm to prevent asphyxiation or oxygen disruption
  • Outer perimeter height of the bassinet should prevent your baby from falling out of it
  • Needs to have sufficient warning and instructions that are clear and informative enough to provide parents with all potential hazards
  • Should not be flammable at all, and cannot contain more than 0.009% of lead along the surface coating
  • Should be able to support and hold any baby
  • Sleeping pad and nonrigid sides of the fabric gaps should be able to prevent suffocation

By meeting the standard above, it ensures that the bassinet is safe, durable, and fully compliant. This will reduce chance of injuries, suffocation, and entrapment.

It’s important to keep a note of the weight limit on whichever bassinet you are buying or intend to buy. Most of them have a weight limit range of around 15 to 20 pounds. If they don’t have a weight limit, they will usually have an age range. This will usually be from 4 to 6 months, and it’s important to check beforehand what the limits are, and be aware of when you should discontinue using it.

Most parents usually prefer a rocking bassinet because it’s usually more comfortable for the baby. However, once a baby learns how to shift their weight in a rocking bassinet, it could potentially be dangerous because they can be trapped on one side and potentially be suffocated.

Another important factor for buying a bassinet is how portable it can be. Being portable allows for ease of movement, and you could easily move it around the house to always make sure that your baby is nearby. If you are interested in a bassinet that is mobile, make sure you look for one with sturdy wheels, and some sort of safety mechanism that prevents the possibility of rolling off. Some of them can actually be folded up and taken apart to allow for quick and easy, as well as convenient transportation, travel, or storage.

What Makes the SNOO Smart Sleeper SO Good?

In today’s world, parents have the luxury of choosing from a wide variety of bassinets available. They come in many different styles, colors, and different looks ranging from modern to standard. Some parents usually have a hard time picking which bassinet is best for their baby simply because of the seemingly infinite variety of options available.

The SNOO checks just about every single box of safety, innovation, and effectiveness. It’s fully compliant, and is a wonderful piece of technology.

At the price point of roughly $1200, it’s certainly better be! It’s well-designed, feels of high quality, and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Above all else, it’s one of the most safe and comforting sleeping environments that you could possibly give a newborn. If you were interested in trying out The Snoo, you can actually rent one risk-free in your home for a pretty affordable price. Rent your Snoo today here!

Designed for Parents in Mind, With A Bright Mind

Dr. Harvey Karp, who has a best-selling parenting book called “The Happiest Baby On The Block”, emphasizes the five S’s of calming a baby. He says that these are:

  1. Shushing
  2. Swinging
  3. Sucking
  4. Safe positioning
  5. Swaddling

The SNOO does three of these things all by itself, which are swinging, swaddling, and shushing.

Regardless of its innovative design, it has a built-in swaddling mechanism that helps your baby feel as safe as possible. It calms them down, but also helps them not roll over. It does this all while being safe and ensures your little one’s security by reducing their risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

Another great feature is its built-in soothing technique. It uses a sensor to determine if your baby’s crying, and will play white noise depending on how loud their crying is.

Most of us parents by now are familiar with the fact that babies cry for a variety of different reasons. Between being wet, frightened, tired, hungry, and so on, it can be exhausting to try to address each single time that they cry.

This is where The Snoo comes into play. The best part about it is the peace of mind and giving back time and energy to mothers and fathers everywhere. It might even help them get some more sleep!

White noise is a wonderful way to imitate sounds that your baby heard in your womb for the first time in their life. It helps calm them down, reduces their crying, and can help get them to sleep.

The SNOO is very flexible and can adjust to different levels of rocking, as well as white noise, and increase or decrease them depending on what your baby needs at that precise moment.

If the SNOO is unable to get your baby to settle down, or can’t stop them from crying for whatever the reason, the Snoo will automatically turn off, and alert you that your baby needs your intervention.

Another wonderful and neat aspect about this bassinet is that it’s able to track your baby’s sleep in a simple to read the log that can provide wonderful insight on when you should transition your little one to a crib.

Smart, Simple, Easy to Assemble

The SNOO is not only a revolutionary piece of technology, but it’s also simple enough to set up, use, and is one of the safest bassinets you can possibly provide. It has a wide variety of features, and is capable of putting your baby to sleep with the ridiculously simple push of a button. It also comes with a one-year warranty, and is able to hold babies that weigh up to 38 pounds. It features the following, plus includes additional accessories:

  • One single mattress
  • One 100% cotton fitted sheet
  • A variety of white noise sounds that are specifically made to help babies calm down, reduce crying, and enhance their sleep
  • Effective, and quiet motor that is custom-built and very reliable
  • Top-of-the-line audio processing that is able to differentiate cries from ambience
  • Three Snoo sacks in sizes of small, medium, and large, that are made with 100% organic materials, that provide enough room for your baby and are designed to prevent overheating

The Best Around

The SNOO has been critically acclaimed to be the world’s first and safest responsive bassinet that can quickly calm your baby’s cries, increase their sleep, and give your baby the gentle rocking that they absolutely love and adore.

Both pediatricians and scientists alike both praise it, as well as parents. It’s nice not having to worry about swaddling your baby improperly, risk of SIDS, overheating or sweating, and possible suffocation.

The SNOO is so good that it has 114 major awards from various different foundations, one being from the National Sleep Foundation for innovation. It’s the first baby bed that is able to offer automatic and adjustable rocking motions, smart technology integration, white noise generation, a sophisticated and unique swaddling technique that can help prevent dangerous or risky rolling, and a slew of other comfort and safety options that can help prevent SIDS. It has no loose blankets that could potentially covers your baby’s face and significantly reduces your baby’s risk of suffocating or rolling around and winding up in an unsafe position.

Your child’s first early months and years of their life are some of their most important that they will ever experience. It’s absolutely imperative that they be given a safe and comfortable environment to grow up in. Their health, well-being, and brain and body development are all reliant on sleep.

If you can help your baby get at least 7 to 12 hours of uninterrupted, restful, and comfy sleep, they’ll be able to grow and develop in the most beneficial way that they possibly can. Things such as motor skills, talking, controlling impulses, and general well-being are all vital aspects of life.

Just like Dr. Harvey Karp’s book suggests, using the five S’s can help calm babies and make them sleep much more easily. The Snoo is able to provide the most ideal environment for your baby to meet all of these criteria.

I know that the price tag is a little ridiculous, but there is great news! You can still least rent the SNOO out for a very affordable amount of dollars a day.

Click Here to Rent Or Buy Your Snoo Today!

Although the price point can be hard to swallow, you’ll definitely not regret getting one. It will pay for itself through your increased nights of sleep, ensuring your baby’s safety, and giving them the best night’s sleep that they can possibly get. Plus, if you don’t like it, you can always send it back. This is why renting is actually a pretty good option. You have a lot of room for trying it out, so you don’t have much to lose! Think of all of the better nights of sleep for both you and your little bundle of joy. It’s definitely something worth considering.